Root canal therapy
Root canal therapy also known as endodontic therapy is a process in which the diseased, damaged or dead pulp (a network of blood and nerve cells) is removed from the canals of the root. Then the canals of the tooth are cleaned, shaped, and filled.
Pulp of the tooth is damaged due to many reasons and one of the major reasons for damage of pulp is carious tooth in which the infection has reached the pulp causing inflammation of pulp tissue leading to severe pain. The other common causes are cracked tooth, injury to a tooth or gum infection of a tooth.
Root canal can be done in single or multiple sittings depending on the situation of the infected tooth.
If the infected or dead pulp is left untreated then formation of pus will be seen at the root tip in jaw bone and abscess will be formed. Abscess will destroy the surrounding bone of the tooth causing severe pain and mobility (loosening) of the tooth.
In root canal the infected pulp is removed and the tooth is restored by cleaning, shaping and filling of the tooth using suitable restorative material. Root canal treated teeth become brittle and are more prone to facture as there is no vital pulp tissue in the tooth, hence after root canal treatment is done crown should be placed on the tooth to restore natural shape, appearance and prevent tooth from fracture.

Root canal treatment is instant pain relief treatment and best treatment to retain the original teeth. Root canal treated teeth with a crown functions as equal as your natural teeth.


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