Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which deals with proper alignment of teeth. Overcrowded, spacing or irregular teeth, facial growth, malocclusion, and correction of bite are done in this treatment.
With the advancement in orthodontic treatment it’s not only for young’s but adults can also undergo orthodontic treatment to get proper aligned teeth.
There are types of orthodontic treatment which includes
Fixed braces
Removable braces
Invisible or lingual braces
Fixed braces
Fixed braces are two types 1. Metal braces 2. Clear or Ceramic braces
Young patients or patients who are conscious or who have discomfort wearing metal braces prefer clear or ceramic braces as they are far less visible. Colorful fixed braces are also available for youngsters to keep up with the latest trends in fashion.
Removable braces
Removable braces or appliance also known as conventional appliance can be removed or taken out by the patient. Removable appliance is generally used to correct minor problems such as bite correction and is often given to patients who still have primary teeth in place of permanent teeth. Removable braces cannot correct complex tooth movements. Single tooth movements or expanding of dental arch can be done by removable appliance.
Invisible or Lingual braces
Fixed braces placed behind the teeth which are not visible are called lingual or invisible braces. Patients who don’t want the braces to be seen go for lingual orthodontic treatment to make proper alignment of teeth.

Some of common causes for orthodontic treatment are protruding of upper teeth, irregular upper or lower teeth, spacing between upper or lower teeth, deep bite, reverse bite, open bite or cross bite and asymmetry of jaws.


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