If you are suffering from bleeding gums or any gum problems there is high risk of you suffering from Diabetes.
There is increased risk of oral health problems in a diabetic person than a non diabetic.Periodontitis commonly known as gum disease is a very common problem in diabetic patients, gum problems and diabetes are in mutual relationship that not only diabetic are more susceptible to gums disease but even gum problems also have the potential to affect blood glucose levels and contribute to progression of diabetes.
Periodontitis is a condition in which gums are affected causing redness of gums, bleeding, swollen gums, gums pull away from teeth, making gaps in between teeth known as pockets. Severe gum problem will lead to infection of bone round the teeth, which will lead to loosening of teeth.
Diabetic person is more prone to gum problems or periodontitis than a non-diabetic is, as diabetic persons have decreased ability to fight against bacteria that easily allows bacteria to invade gums and cause infections.
Prevention like good blood glucose control,taking care of gums and visiting dentist on regular basis can prevent bleeding gums and other gum problems

Solutions for periodontitis in diabetic persons include deep cleaning at initial stage and flap or gums surgery at severe stage with controlled blood glucose levels and regular visits to dentist it can be controlled


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