Tooth colored filling (Composite)
            Tooth colored fillings are most popular now a day’s compared to traditional filling materials. These are used to repair the teeth that are affected by decays. Fractures, crakes. Tooth colored filling material are used for both front as well as back teeth. The decayed and affected portion of teeth is removed and filled esthetically with composite.
            The tooth colored filling are widely used as these merges with natural color of the teeth and visually pleases. These composite filling have good damnability resistance and can with standard chewing and biting face. The tooth colored filling materials are precisely placed,shaped and polished restoring tooth to its origin shape and function.
Use of composite fillings:
Ø  Decayed teeth
Ø  Chipped teeth
Ø  Cracked and broken teeth
Ø  Closing space between two teeth
Ø  Weak teeth

Good oral hygiene practices, eating habits and regular dental checkup will help in with standing the life of a composite filling.


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