Teeth cleaning is a procedure which is impotent in stopping the progression of gingivitis
and periodontal diseases.
Benefits of teeth cleaning:
Tartar/Calculus Removal : Tartar/ calculus are hard deposits on the surface of the teeth either
above or below the gum line. This Tartar associated with bacteria if not remove further progress
the gingival and periodontal disease.
Aesthetics: Tartar and external stains are removed by teeth cleaning which enhances smile,
Fresh breath: periodontal disease induces bad breath. Trapped foot particles below jaw line
associated with tartar and bacteria will induces bad breath.
Oral prophylaxis treatment includes:
Oral prophylaxis is to be carried out in regular with a time interval of every six months to
a year.
1. Supragingival Cleaning: Scaling the tooth surface removing tartar and stains above the
gum line is called supragingival cleaning.
2. Subgingival Cleaning : Removal of tartar below gum line deep from gum pocket will
helps in reducing destructive periodontal disease progression
3. Root Planing: Smoothing of exposed root surface removing remaining of bacteria.
4. Medication: Post scaling and root planning antibiotic and antimicrobial treatment in
these form of topical cream, mouthwash are given.
5. X-Ray examination: Periodic X-Ray examination is mandatory for recalling healing
bone process in cause of abstractive periodontal disease.
Oral prophylaxis is advised twice a year or for every 3-4 month in case of periodontal disease.


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