Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath one of the common problem 50% of the adults facing these days. Bad Breath
causes embarrassment in social life halitosis may also indicates underlying different diseases.
Causes :
Bacteria : variables of type of bacteria residing in our mouth is the natural cause of bad breath.
Daly mouth : Cleanness production of saliva which diseases natural cleaning of mouth cause

bad breath.

Gum Diseases : Bad breath associated with constant bad taste is an indication of gum diseases.
Food : Strong foods such as onions, Garlic, Coffee cause long lasting bad breath.
Smoking and Tobacco: Tobacco reduce ability to fast foods and irritates gum leading to bad
breath and serve other health issues.
Medical Conditions: Mouth infections cause bad breath. Certain conditions like sieves
infection, gastric reflux, debates, liver and Kidney diseases are cause.
Management of bad breath:
Brushing and flossing: Brushing twice a day along with flossing is must.
Taking care of tongue: After brushing Scraping the tongue surface reduces bacterial growth.
Mouth wash : Mouthwash kills bacteria and neutralize temporarily bad breath. It is a temporary
solution and should be associated with brushing.
Quit smoking : Quitting smoking helps in maintaining proper oral health.
Cleaning Dentures : Denture wearers should regularly clean dentures before using them again
in morning.
Keep Saliva flowing : Eating healthy foods with lot of chewing will stimulate saliva production
naturally. Artificial saliva is also indicated in severe conditions.
Visiting Dentist regularly : Regular dental visit will be helpful in maintaining proper oral health
and reduction of bad breath.


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