Teeth may be responsible !!!
Migraine may be caused due to many reasons one of which includes our teeth
Excessive movements such as grinding, clenching, chewing or yawning may result in tightening of muscles which will results in pain in jaw and skull resulting in severe to moderate headache.
Skull is connected to jaw through a hinge called TMJ,TMJ is responsible for all the movements of jaw
Various muscles present beneath the jaw and in the cheeks plays a vital role in resulting migraine
When excessive pressure or tightening of muscles are caused by actions like grinding clenching, chewing or yawning the muscles stiffen which  will result in to pain and will lead to  severe headache.
Sometimes headache is seen following insertion of new teeth or any new dental prosthesis  causing atypical facial pain which may include unexplained ear pain with no ENT problems  and pain over temporal region cheek and neck.

Remedies to relieve such headaches
-          Avoid hard foods
-          Wear night guard for teeth so that grinding of teeth is prevented
-          Relax your muscles by massaging or applying cold or hot packs
-          Take medication
-          Avoid excessive force on teeth
-          Adjustment or replacement of dental prosthesis
-          Have TMJ Splint made
-          Visit your dentist and get the problem solved


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